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Best Na Pali Coast Tours on Kauai

Are you planning a trip to Kauai and want to go on an epic boat tour? Check out these incredible Na Pali Coast tours on Kauai!
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If you’re looking for an unforgettable Kauai experience, look no further than the Na Pali Coast.

With its awe-inspiring beauty and unspoiled landscape, the Na Pali Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Kauai.

Only a tour can give you access to this majestic place – so be sure to check out our list of the best Na Pali Coast tours!

The Na Pali Coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth. There is so much untouched natural beauty that makes it a must-see when visiting Kauai. 

However, this is not a place where you can just drive to. You need to go on a Kauai boat tour to experience this incredible place. 

Keep scrolling to check out some of the best Na Pali Coast Tours on Kauai! 

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What is the Na Pali Coast Weather Like? 

You can expect to see typical Kauai weather along the Na Pali Coast. Sometimes there will be some rainy days, but it is typically quite sunny in this area with little to no clouds. 

When it comes closer to your trip, take a look to see what the expected Na Pali Coast weather will be like to plan your adventure better. 

What is There to do on the Na Pali Coast? 

There are plenty of great things to do on the Na Pali Coast. You can go explore the Na Pali sea caves, snorkel with tropical fish, check out the incredible Na Pali Coast waterfall, and have plenty of other fun adventures. 

You will definitely want to visit the Na Pali Coast at least once! 

Best Na Pali Coast Tours on Kauai

Here are all the best Na Pali Coast boat tours on Kauai. Go on any of these Na Pali sea tours to enjoy all the coast has to offer! 

Holo Holo Charters Na Pali Coast Snorkel Tour

One of the best Na Pali Coast boat tours is through the Holo Holo Charters. During this morning snorkel tour, you might get to see some dolphins, turtles, and even some whales as you ride on a 50-foot catamaran. 

Image of a woman in a bikini on a Na Pali Coast boat tour.
You’ll get the best views of the Na Pali Coast from the water.

This is a great family-friendly Na Pali tour, as there is a fun waterslide to enjoy as you enter the water to snorkel. Breakfast and lunch are included during this 5-hour boat tour as well. You will head out of Port Allen. Check the latest rates and more information.

Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail

Captain Andy’s dinner cruise is another favorite tour to enjoy Na Pali Kauai. You will head out in the afternoon to see this coast’s natural wonders, including the Na Pali cliffs and exotic marine life. 

This tour is four hours long and includes a delicious dinner. Enjoy some grilled striploin steak, garlic herb chicken, french bread, grilled asparagus, and an incredible lime cheesecake for dessert. 

If you are on your honeymoon, Captain Andy’s sunset sail is the perfect romantic activity your spouse will love! 

Makana Charters

If you want a smaller Na Pali Coast catamaran tour, try Makana Charters. Only 12 passengers are aboard this tour, making it one of the best Na Pali Coast tours for a romantic adventure! 

Image of a couple taking a selfie on a Na Pali Boat Tour
The Na Pali Coast is the perfect selfie spot!

You will depart from the west side of Kauai, in Kekaha at Kikialoa Harbor, and sail the beautiful coast for five hours. Explore an incredible Na Pali Coast sea cave, cliffs, and the stunning Nualolo Kai reef. 

You have the option to choose a morning or afternoon sail, both of which include a deli lunch and plenty of snacks. Check the latest rates and availability.

Na Pali Coast Catamaran Boat Tour

Hop aboard this Na Pali catamaran tour and enjoy being out along the Na Pali Coast for five hours. As you sail, you might see some dolphins swimming along the boat. You will have a front-row seat to see the incredible cliffs, waterfalls, and Na Pali Coast caves! 

Then, you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel and swim with the fish at the Nu’alolo Kai reef. Afterward, enjoy a deli-style lunch as you sail back to the port. 

Na Pali Ocean Raft Expedition

On this Na Pali Coast raft tour, you will depart from Hanalei Bay on a 40-foot raft and sail the ocean to Na Pali. This tour does everything from seeing incredible cliffs and waterfalls to snorkeling with tropical fish and sea turtles. 

Sea cliffs along the Na Pali Coast.
Sea cliffs along the Na Pali Coast.

After you are done snorkeling, you’ll head back and see the North Shore sights of Kauai while eating a delicious sandwich and salad. Check the latest rates and availability.

Na Pali Pirates Boat Tours

Try this pirate tour for a thrilling adventure on the Na Pali Coast! Only 14 people will go per tour, and you can go in the morning or afternoon. 

If the weather conditions are good on this Kauai Na Pali Coast boat tour, you can go inside the sea caves, through the waterfalls, and snorkel at incredible locations bigger boats cannot.  

Lucky Lady Na Pali Morning Snorkel Tour

If you are more of a morning person, you will love this snorkeling tour from Lucky Lady. Hop aboard this catamaran cruise and relax as you take in all the natural beauty of this incredible coast. 

Image of dolphins
See if you can spot dolphins along the Na Pali Coast.

This tour is approximately five and a half hours and takes off from Port Allen. It also includes a breakfast and buffet lunch. During this tour, you will most likely spot a few dolphins in the ocean and swim with the sea turtles. 

Enjoy some Mai Tai’s, wine, island drinks, and snacks all throughout the tour. You can snorkel the coast, enjoy the waterslide, and take in all the beauty around you. Check the latest rates and availability.

Na Pali Coast Tours

On this Na Pali Coast boat tour, head out from the North Shore of Kauai in Hanalei. You have the option to go on a snorkel tour or simply sail around the beauty of the Na Pali Coast

You can see up to six different sea caves and snorkel at some of the best snorkeling spots on Kauai. You’ll also see waterfalls, cliffs, and this island’s incredible beauty. This is one of the best Na Pali cave tours, for sure! Check the latest rates and availability.

Na Pali Sunset Boat Tour

For another fun, romantic evening, set sail on this Na Pali Coast sunset cruise. The Na Pali Coast is always a stunning sight to see, but when you see it during one of Hawaii’s most gorgeous sunsets, it will leave you breathless.  

Sunset lights the receding cliffs of the NaPali coastline on north coast of Kauai in Hawaii
The Na Pali Coast has one of the prettiest Kauai sunsets.

This Na Pali Coast cruise is four and a half hours and departs from Port Allen on the south side of Kauai. Check the latest rates and availability. 

Ni’ihau and Na Pali Coast Snorkel Boat Tour

Most boat tours only do some Na Pali Coast snorkeling, but not this tour. With this seven-hour tour, you will get to explore the Na Pali Coast, Lehua Crater, and Ni’ihau Island. Most other tours do not offer all of these locations, making this another one of the top Na Pali Coast tours on Kauai! 

Going to these locations, you will have a better chance of seeing sea turtles, dolphins, rays, and so much more. During the winter season, you might even get to see whales too! 

Breakfast and lunch are included with this tour, and it departs from Port Allen at 6:00 am. Check the latest rates and availability.

Na Pali Coast Zodiac Boat Snorkeling & Sea Cave Eco Tour

On this Na Pali Coast boat tour, you will set sail from Kekaha, which is very close to the Na Pali Coast. That means you will spend ample time exploring the coast rather than sailing in the ocean. 

During this five-hour tour, you’ll go in and out of sea caves, see the incredible cliffs, pass by waterfalls, and snorkel with exotic sea life. Check the latest rates and availability.

Na Pali Coast Kayak Tour

If you are adventurous, you will want to try out this kayak Na Pali Coast tour. Kayaking the Na Pali Coast is an incredible experience if you are up for the task. 

You will have to kayak for about 12 miles during this five-hour tour from Polihale to Milolii. This area is usually calmer as it is on the leeward side of the island. 

You will enjoy lunch and a nice break when you arrive at Na Pali beach. You’ll also have about an hour to be on the island and go exploring! 

It can be pretty challenging, but the view of the Na Pali Coast beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, and caves are unlike anything else! 

Na Pali Coast Boat Tours FAQs

What is the best way to see the Na Pali Coast? 

You might see some of it while on the island, but one of the best ways to see the Na Pali Coast is by going on one of the Na Pali boat tours. By going on these boat tours, you will see the entire coast and explore all it has to offer.

How long is the Na Pali Coast Tour? 

This all really depends on the tour you choose, but most Na Pali Coast boat tours are between 3-5 hours long.

Where do Na Pali Coast boat tours leave from?

Most of the Kauai boat tours to the Na Pali Coast leave from Hanalei Bay, Port Allen, Kekaha, and Kikialoa Harbor.

Is snorkeling good in Na Pali Coast?

Yes! Some of the best snorkeling on the island is along the Na Pali Coast. If you want to see some incredible fish and coral, try one of the Na Pali Coast snorkel tours!

Na Pali Coast Snorkel Tour Wrap Up

For some Na Pali coast adventures, hop on any of these incredible Na Pali boat tours! These are some of the best Na Pali Coast tours on Kauai to choose from. Add one of them to your itinerary and enjoy all this beautiful coast has to offer. 

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