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Best Oahu Sunset Cruises

Are you planning a trip to Oahu and want to go on an epic boat tour? Check out these incredible Oahu sunset cruises!
This list of the best Oahu sunset cruises was written by Marcie Cheung (a Hawaii travel expert) and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

The Oahu sunset is one of the most incredible sights you’ll see in Hawaii. The sky is a brilliant shade of orange, yellow, and red as the sun slowly sets on the ocean.

It looks like something out of a postcard – but it’s real, and it’s right in front of you on a sunset cruise!

If you’re looking for an authentic Hawaiian adventure away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a sunset cruise is perfect for you!

You’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the beautiful coastlines, watch humpback whales breaching, and simply relax during your vacation. 

If you’ve never seen the sunset from the ocean, now’s your chance to witness this magical view! Oahu sunset cruises are one of the best ways to enjoy an unobstructed view of the sunset. 

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Best Oahu Sunset Cruises

During your sunset cruise, you will also have ample opportunities to learn about different cultures through storytelling and cultural activities.

Here are some of the best Oahu sunset cruises that will leave you feeling in awe of this island. 

1. Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise 

The Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise is the best sunset cruise in Oahu. As you arrive, you will be greeted by performers who bring the true spirit of aloha.

The sunset view was spectacular!

You will then enjoy a buffet dinner as you eat under the colorful sky to watch the sunset on the ocean. Read our Star of Honolulu review.

This Honolulu sunset cruise also features local music and a fun show with performances from all over Polynesia. Check the latest rates and availability.

2. Waikiki Catamaran Sunset Cruise 

This sunset sail is another great Waikiki sunset cruise with an open bar! Hop aboard this 44-foot catamaran and sail out into the ocean with drinks in your hands for a carefree, enjoyable evening. 

Watch the sunset on Waikiki beach with a Mai Tai in your hand! With the open bar, you can enjoy plenty of drinks, including beer, wine, juice, and more! Check the latest rates and availability.

3. Oahu Cocktail Cruise

Hop aboard the Holokai Catamaran for this Oahu Cocktail Cruise! Enjoy drinks such as Bud Light, Big Swell IPA, Bikini Blonde, Mana Wheat, Wine, Holokai Signature Cocktails, Champagne, and more.

It is one of the best Waikiki sunset cruises with an open bar! 

This is a great cruise to go on with friends to relax and unwind after a long, busy day. With unlimited drinks, you will definitely have a fun time! Check the latest rates and availability.

Sailing boats docked at the Ala Wai Harbor at sunset. Ala Wai Yacht Harbor is the largest yacht harbor of Hawaii, situated between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu in Oahu, Hawaii.

4. Waikiki Booze Cruise 

With this Waikiki Booze Cruise, you and your friends will have a blast on the water, taking in the beautiful Hawaii sunset. This Oahu booze cruise comes with three free cocktails or beers and unlimited juices. 

Aboard this catamaran, you can enjoy the sun setting on the ocean with drinks in hand and live music the entire time. It is a great cruise for friends and couples for a fun evening out on the water! Check the latest rates and availability.

5. Prince Kuhio Waikiki Dinner Sunset Cruise

This is another one of the best Oahu dinner cruises to enjoy during your trip to this island. If you want local food during your cruise, this is the best Oahu sunset dinner cruise to try out during your trip on the island. 

Here you will find both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements and an onboard chef to make a fresh 3-course meal for you. It is a romantic dinner cruise perfect for newlyweds! Check the latest rates and availability.

6. Spirit of Aloha Sunset Cruise with Fireworks

If you want to see some awesome fireworks displays out on the ocean after watching a spectacular sunset, you will want to try this Honolulu sunset cruise from the Spirit of Aloha. 

Every Friday, Waikiki has a fun little fireworks show, and what better way to enjoy those lights than out on the water? 

You will get a nice buffet dinner with two free alcoholic drinks while watching the gorgeous sunset on the ocean and finish off the evening with a firework show on the boat! It is a great romantic way to end your day. Check the latest rates and availability.

Spectacular landscape of boats and yachts docked at the Ala Wai Harbor, the largest yacht harbor of Hawaii, reflecting in the sea at sunset. Honolulu, Oahu in Hawaii, United States.

7. Ko Olina Snorkel & Sunset Dinner Cruise

In Ko Olina, you can enjoy a fun snorkel and sunset dinner cruise! This isn’t one of the typical Oahu sunset dinner cruises; with this cruise, you get to go out in the water and snorkel too! 

First, head out cruising along the ocean and look for dolphins as you head out onto the water. Then, you will get to enjoy snorkeling with all the tropical fish and might even see some sea turtles too! 

After snorkeling, you will enjoy a nice Hawaiian-style meal and some cocktails and watch the sun slowly set along the Hawaiian ocean. It is a fun adventure you will want to try out during your vacation to Oahu! Check the latest rates and availability.

8. Star of Honolulu Vow Renewal & Sunset Dinner Cruise

For a romantic evening with your spouse, try this Star of Honolulu Vow Renewal Sunset Cruise! What better way to renew your vows with your loved one than with a sunset in Oahu on a cruise boat? 

After you renew your vows, enjoy an incredible lobster and steak meal while watching the sunset and enjoying some live music.

Also included is a live hula show, a vow renewal certificate, and a free picture to always remember this special occasion. Check the latest rates and availability.

9.  Moana’s Sunset Cocktail Sail

Moana’s Sunset Cocktail Sail is another great Oahu sunset cruise to try.  It is a smaller boat and has a more intimate experience, making it the perfect Waikiki sunset sail for couples. 

While you set sail along the ocean, look for dolphins and whales, and enjoy the nice ocean breeze as you bask in the gorgeous sunset with a cocktail in hand. Check the latest rates and availability.

Beautiful panorama of sailing boats docked at the Ala Wai Harbor at sunset the largest yacht harbor of Hawaii, situated between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu in Oahu, Hawaii.

10. Honolulu Sunset Boat Cruise

Most sunset cruises do not allow you to swim, but this one does! For a fun Waikiki beach sunset cruise, you will love Pink Sails.

Enjoy an incredible colorful sky while sailing out on the waves. Jump off the boat and enjoy swimming in the water as you enjoy the beautiful sunset. Check the latest rates and availability.

11. Sunset Cocktail Cruise West Oahu

If you are in Waianae, try this West Oahu Sunset Cruise! With this cruise, you will see a different side of the island most tours will not show you.

On this 53-foot catamaran, there is both outdoor and covered seating, all perfect for capturing the stunning sunset on the Makaha Valley. 

Afterward, look at the stars as you return back to the island. It is a great cruise to learn more about the history of Hawaii as well! Check the latest rates and availability.

12. Waikiki Sunset Cruise Party Boat

If you are on Oahu for a friend’s trip, you will love this party sunset cruise! This Oahu sunset cruise is perfect if you are looking to have a fun time out on the water one evening during your trip to Hawaii. 

There will be a live DJ playing music the entire time while you dance the night away under the colorful sky. Check the latest rates and availability.

13. Sunset Glass Bottom Boat Cruise

To see incredible views of the ocean from above and below, go on this Sunset Glass Bottom Boat Cruise. This unique sunset cruise on Oahu will show you the stunning Hawaiian sunset and the tropical fishes down below, all at the same time! 

This is a shorter sunset cruise with only around an hour out on the water, but the views of Honolulu and the marine life down below are worth it! Check the latest rates and availability.

14. West Oahu Whale Watching & Sunset Cruise

If you are visiting Oahu during the winter, enjoy the sunset and go whale watching at the same time on this West Oahu Cruise!  

On this side of the island, you are bound to see some pretty incredible whales while out on the ocean. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a breaching whale while enjoying the beautiful sunset on the water. Check the latest rates and availability.

15. Waikiki Sunset Cocktail Cruise aboard the Majestic by Atlantis Cruises

Enjoy a romantic evening on the water watching the sunset and enjoy some live entertainment with this Oahu sunset cruise. It is a bigger boat, meaning more room for you to get an uninterrupted view of the sunset on the ocean! 

This is another one of the best Waikiki dinner cruises as it takes you across the ocean in Honolulu so you can take in all the beauty of Hawaii under a stunning sunset.

Choose to sit in the open-air seating out on the deck or inside the air-conditioned lounge. Check the latest rates and availability.

Oahu Sunset Cruises FAQS

How long is the sunset cruise in Honolulu?

It all depends on the cruise, but typically the Oahu sunset cruises are a few hours at most. Most often, the sunset cruises are between 90 minutes and two hours. 

What is a sunset cruise? 

During a sunset cruise, you get to enjoy watching the sunset while on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Most of the sunset cruises in Oahu offer dinner and drinks too! It is a romantic way to enjoy the incredible Hawaii sunsets.

What side of Oahu has the best sunsets? 

Oahu provides some of the best sunsets all over the island! However, the best sunsets in Oahu are usually on the North and East side of the island.

Honolulu Sunset Cruise Wrap Up

Enjoy the breathtaking sunset on Oahu on any of these amazing Oahu sunset cruises! Each has its own unique features, and any of them would make for the perfect evening to spend with your friends and loved ones. Hop aboard any of these boats and enjoy the peaceful Oahu sunset!

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