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Wonderous Oahu Whale-Watching Tours

Are you wondering when is the best time to see whales in Oahu? Keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about Oahu whale season, including the best Oahu whale-watching tours.

Oahu whale-watching tours are a popular and exciting way for visitors to experience the beauty of Hawaii’s majestic sea life.

From the comfort of a boat, you’ll be able to observe these gentle giants as they breach, spout, and swim in the ocean. 

The tour operators are well-experienced, so you can rest assured that your experience will be enjoyable and safe.

Plus, the tour guides are full of interesting information about the whales and their behavior. So if you’re looking for a unique way to explore Oahu, then a whale-watching tour is your best bet. 

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Here are some of the best Oahu whale-watching tours all over the island! 

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Best Oahu Whale-Watching Tours

On a whale-watching tour, you’ll have the chance to spot these majestic creatures from the comfort of a boat and take in the stunning views of the island’s coastline. You’ll also learn about the different species of whales that live in the area and their behaviors and habits. 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking for a unique experience, whale-watching tours in Oahu are sure to be unforgettable experiences.

So grab your binoculars and get ready for an amazing adventure as you go on any of these Oahu whale-watching tours! 

1. Waikiki Whale Watching Cruise from Kewalo Harbor

This Oahu whale-watching tour starts in Waikiki and is about two hours long. This whale-watching cruise is only available from December 15th to April 15th, as it is prime whale spotting time. If you don’t see a whale during your tour, you get to go again for free! 

There are multiple times to choose from, both in the morning and afternoon, making it a great choice. It is also more affordable than other options as well, so if you are on a budget, this is the whale-watching tour for you! Check the latest rates and availability.

2. Star of Honolulu Waikiki Morning Whale-Watching Cruise

From January to March, book one of the best whale-watching tours in Oahu aboard the Star of Honolulu. This is another tour that guarantees that you will see a whale, or you get a free trip to try again. 

You will depart from Aloha Tower and set sail on a huge boat that has four different observation decks to see the whales. This tour will give you plenty of space to roam around and have your own adventure. Read our Star of Honolulu review. 

It is a very family-friendly whale-watching cruise that takes off in the morning for a few hours and makes for a perfect way to start your family trip to Hawaii! Check the latest rates and availability. 

3. West Oahu Whale Watch Cruise from Waianae

This is one of the few whale-watching tours on Oahu that is on the west side of the island. You will set sail from Waianae Harbor on an eco-friendly tour to explore the Humpback Whales’ natural environment on this side of the island. It is a great way to see other parts of Oahu you might not have seen before too! 

Aerial View of Humpback Whales in Hawaii
This tour guarantees you’ll see whales!

Whale sightings are guaranteed, or you can set sail again for free, so you will know for sure to see some of these beautiful creatures.

This tour can fit up to 80 guests aboard their 65-foot catamaran and is another great Oahu whale-watching tour during your trip to Hawaii. Check the latest rates and availability.

4. Honu Lani Waikiki Whale-Watching Sailing Cruise

With these Honolulu whale-watching tours, you can take off either in the morning or afternoon, making it a great whale-watching cruise on Oahu for those who like to sleep in. Hop aboard the Honu Lani Catamaran and have 360-degree views of the whales! 

This tour is about two hours long and is only available from December until March. Like most whale-watching tours, if you don’t see a whale for some reason, you get to go again for free! Check the latest rates and availability.

5. Prince Kuhio Honolulu Whale Watch Cruise

On this Oahu whale-watching cruise aboard the Prince Kuhio, you will have a nice, relaxing morning cruise, watching for these magnificent creatures, all the while enjoying a delicious breakfast. Choose from french toast or a short rib breakfast bowl and a cup of Kona coffee. 

You will sail along the Waikiki coast and see stunning views of Diamond Head, as well as a variety of sea life, while you search for some whales. If you don’t see any whales, you can always go again for free! Check the latest rates and availability.

6. Waikiki Whale Watching Experience aboard the Majestic

With three observation decks, this is another one of the best Oahu whale-watching tours to go on! The Majestic feels like a yacht and will take you on a very smooth sailing during this three-hour tour. 

Image of a whale tail in the ocean in Hawaii
It’s incredible to see whales on Oahu!

An expert naturalist also joins you aboard this whale-watching experience to teach you all about these fascinating creatures while you watch for them. Check the latest rates and availability.

7. North Shore Oahu Private Morning & Afternoon Whale Watching Cruise

If you want a more secluded and romantic whale-watching cruise for your honeymoon, try this private whale-watching tour. You will set sail on a smaller, 31-foot boat with up to six people and go explore the North Shore for a few hours. 

You can choose to leave in the morning, mid-day, or afternoon, depending on your itinerary and preference. You will explore waters that are a part of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.  Check the latest rates and availability.

8. Oahu Whale-Watching Excursion

Head out on this whale-watching excursion during the months of December to May and enjoy sailing along the ocean to spot some Humpback Whales. If you don’t see a whale, you can always come back and go again! 

This tour is a few hours long and comes with snacks and drinks too! The captain will share all about the magnificent creatures and Hawaii as you explore what the ocean has to offer. Check the latest rates and availability.

9. Oahu Catamaran Cruise: Wildlife, Snorkeling, and a Hawaiian Meal

If you don’t have much time and want to snorkel, whale-watch, and do other fun Oahu activities, this tour does it all. You will have a local guide along this cruise to take you to the best spots to spot some whales, dolphins, turtles, and other incredible sea life. 

A jumping humpback whale near Oahu Island, Hawaii, America
There are tons of whales on Oahu during the winter months.

Spend a few hours snorkeling and seeing the marine life, and then enjoy a delicious Hawaiian meal as you cruise back to the island. This whale-watching tour is in Ko Olina, which will show you the west side of the island. 

There are 3 different tour times, morning, afternoon, and sunset, to accommodate all your needs. It is the perfect tour if you want to explore all Oahu has to offer during a very short trip to Hawaii. Check the latest rates and availability.

10. Afternoon Waikiki Glass Bottom Boat Cruise

For a unique Oahu whale-watching cruise, hop aboard this glass-bottom boat cruise! Along this quick tour, you will have the opportunity to see whales, turtles, and dolphins. Look below the ocean to see even more marine life while you sail with the glass bottom! It is a great way to see tropical fish and coral without even touching the water. 

Because it is only an hour long, it is a great way to explore the ocean, catch some whales, and quickly get back to the other fun things to do in Oahu! This tour takes off from Waikiki and is very convenient and an affordable option as well. Check the latest rates and availability.

11. Waianae Coast Snorkel Cruise with Dolphin and Seasonal Whale Watching from Oahu

During the winter months, head over to Waianae and go on a snorkel and whale-watching cruise! This is an eco-friendly tour that will take you on a journey throughout the waters, teaching you about the beautiful marine life you see. 

Because it is a smaller boat, only 15 people will be on the tour, making it a more private and fun experience! After seeing some dolphins and whales, you’ll head to an incredible reef to snorkel with fish and even some sea turtles! 

The west coast of Oahu is usually not very crowded, making it an even better place to explore the tropical fish and creatures in their natural habitat. Check the latest rates and availability.

Oahu Whale Watching FAQs

What is the best month to go whale watching in Oahu?

Any of the winter months are considered Oahu whale watching season. Usually, January or February are the best whale-watching months on the island of Oahu. 

Is Oahu good for whale watching? 

Whale watching in Oahu, Hawaii, is some of the best out of all the islands of Hawaii! Go on an Oahu whale-watching excursion to see these incredible creatures up close! 

Which side of Oahu is best for whale watching?

While you can see whales all over the island of Oahu, the best side of the island to see whales is usually by Hanauma Bay or the North Shore. 

What time of year can you see whales in Oahu? 

Every year, humpback whales migrate to Oahu to feed and breed during the winter months. This is one of the best times to observe them and the perfect opportunity to experience their majestic beauty up close. The Honolulu whale watching season is usually from December until May. 

Whale Watching Tours in Oahu Wrap Up

Oahu humpback whale watching is quite an adventure. Get ready to have an unforgettable time as you witness some of the most beautiful creatures in the world on any of these Oahu whale-watching tours! 

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