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Incredible Kona Coffee Farms You Can Visit

Deciding on a special Big Island trip but also wondering what Kona coffee tours are worth going to. I know some of the greatest Kona coffee farms for tours that are awesome!
This list of the best Kona coffee farms to visit was written by Marcie Cheung (a Hawaii travel expert) and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

Want great Kona coffee tours?

There are a ton of Hawaiian coffee plantations. Coffee tours found at Big Island are super popular as well.

Here are some amazing coffee farms in Hawaii for great Kona coffee tours.

Coffee beans were harvested and also ground and brewed! Kona is great for fantastic coffee tours!

With Hawaii’s beautiful views, this pairs amazingly well when you have a nice Kona coffee in your hands.

For a great Hawaiian vacation, visit a Hawaii coffee farm for a tour that you’ll never forget! No matter who you are, especially if you love coffee, you won’t regret this trip.

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Kona Coffee History

In the past, Kona coffee was quite rare. Fortunately, this number started to increase rapidly when coffee trees were increasing in number around late 1820.

The Manoa Valley received a few of these Kona seeds until they were moved to Kona. The plants taste best when they feast on volcanic soil, something that was perfect for Kona.

While that’s a brief summary of coffee, the whole story would be pages on pages of text. Even though Kona coffee can be so popular now, it took many decades until it became popular. 

For around 200 years, Kona coffee has become a staple of Hawaiian coffee!

Best Kona Coffee Farms: Image of Kona coffee blossoms on a tree
Kona coffee tree blossoms.

3 Facts About Kona Coffee 

They Grow in Special, Volcanic Soil

It wouldn’t be too unexpected to grow from volcanoes that generate such soil for its extraordinary flavor. Volcanoes erupted over the years, leading to the soil you see now in Hawaii.

The ash from the volcanoes was now soil, making it great for this special drink’s perfect quality, richness, and taste.

Kona Coffee Was Originally a Brazillian Bean!

Even though it’s popular in Hawaii, it’s not truly native to Hawaii. In 1828, these beans were brought from Brazil and soon started to grow!

These Coffee Beans Can Only Taste Great if Made at Kona

It’s the place perfect for this coffee’s weathering conditions.

It’s sunny in the morning but tends to be much rainier around the afternoon times. Light winds around the area also make Kona coffee much tastier.

Image of a Kona coffee plantation on the Big Island
Kona Coffee Plantation.

Where to Find the Hawaiian Coffee Plantations

These are grown in areas that have high elevations. They also need to be constantly covered by Volcanic clouds, creating ideal environments for the beans.

While tons of farms exist, some don’t allow Kona coffee tours. However, the Cultural Kona Coffee Festival is a special event for many people.

Why are Kona Coffee Plants so Special?

Its flavor and aroma as well as its freshness and quality, make this coffee some of the best out there. They’re also graded to ensure the best Kona experience.

Kona Coffee Grading System

The Kona bean starts as berries and is pulped, then dried, and then hulled.

Then, the beans get grades based on their shape. A machine sorts the beans based on their sizes and shapes.

Most of the unique Kona coffee uses different grades such as prime, No.1, fancy, and extra fancy.

However, some special grades are included when a peaberry form with another coffee bean to give super special flavors.

Roasting Process

The Kona coffee gets roasted based on the dryness of the item. Processors can make fantastic coffee if they do well!

French usually make dark roasts which are also called Italian and/or Espresso. Full-City and Vienna are the names for medium roasts.

How to Know it’s True Kona Coffee

If the label says 100% Pure Kona Coffee, it means it’s true Kona Coffee.

If it says Kona Blend, it’s not true Kona coffee. These usually refer to a blend that has 10% Kona coffee. 

If on a Kona farm, you’ll be in luck as finding 100% Kona will be no problem.

Image of Kona coffee beans growing on a branch.
Kona coffee beans growing on a branch.

The Best Kona Coffee Farms Worth Visiting

These are all Kona coffee plantations you can stop by on your own. Most don’t require advanced reservations.

1. Royal Kona Coffee Center

You can examine the process of their coffee beans here! You can also see how it’s roasted and graded by checking their coffee beans by looking at their unique processing plant.

If you’re lucky, you may even be able to go inside the lava tubes.

Find it here in this spot: 83-5427 Mamalahoa Hwy, Captain Cook, HI 96704

2. Greenwell Farms

To learn about some of the best Kona coffee farms, go to Greenwell Farms‘ finding 100% Kona Coffee right before a 45-minute tour with guides will treat you.

Image of a woman posing by the Greenwell Farms sign.
Greenwell Farms offers a free coffee tour. Photo credit: Owen Cheung

They will show you the process of making these beans and learn how they turn into coffee and are harvested.

They also don’t require the needy reservations. You’ll only need to wait around 10 minutes.

Greenwell Farms can be found at 81-6581 Mamalahoa Highway Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750

3. Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee Farm

They have three tours. If you want, you can check out this tour review.

For $8, you’ll go through an hour-long trip through how Kona coffee is made here from start to finish. Check the latest rates and availability.

You can also take the Paniolo Roasting tour. Its length is about 45 minutes and costs around $45. You’ll learn Hawaiian cowboy history and how Kona coffee went through the years and how to make it traditional. Check the latest rates and availability.

Lastly, the Brew Your Best Cup tour is around 60 minutes to 90 minutes, while It costs $55. It teaches you how to brew amazing coffee. Check the latest rates and availability.

Find it here at 78-1136 Bishop Rd Holualoa, HI 96725

4. Hula Daddy

The Hula Daddy tour teaches you how coffee is created from start to finish.

This Kona coffee plantation is also known for being eco-friendly. They have planted seventeen thousand trees to reduce their carbon footprint. 

It’s about $30 per person and lasts about an hour long.

Visit here at 74-4944 Mamalahoa Hwy Holualoa, HI 96725

5. Kona Joe

This is quite an interesting Kona coffee plantation. For this place, you can find various tours.

They have self-guided tours for free and offer guided tours that offer videos, coffee, and tour you around the farm. They also give you gifts of coffee, chocolate, and coffee gifts.

They also allow you to roast your own coffee. Create very custom recipes while you’re given tips on how to make the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

They also offer combined tours which are the same as standard tours but you can make your own coffee. It costs around $15.

The Ultimate tour is 2 hours long while you can Make 5 pounds of Kona coffee.

You can also pick coffee on your own, which is unlike any other place in the United States of America.

Find it here at 79-7346 Mamalohoa Highway, Kealakekua, HI 96750

6. Mountain Thunder

A place that’s next to a volcano and three thousand feet above the sea!

They have free Mountain Thunder tours. You can check the process of growing coffee.

You can also take Nature Trail Walks and check out plantations, plants, and lava. It costs $10 per group of people.

Found in the location: 73-1942 Ha’o Street Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Best Kona coffee tours on the Big Island. Image of a woman picking coffee berries
Take a Kona coffee farm tour on the Big Island.

Kona Coffee Tours to Book

1. Coffee Farm Tour, Brewery and Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary

To see all the magical places Kona coffee has to offer, check these out to go on a very special journey.

You’ll see how coffee beans are grown, but also get to have some lunch and even get to drink some beer.

You can also see a ton of the plants as well as all the different species of birds that live in the area as well. Check rates here.

2. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park & Greenwell Farms Coffee Tour 

When you visit the National Park, you’ll be able to see tons of volcanoes that will be so interesting, you will never forget it!

Greenwell Farms also offer their coffee as well as their picnic lunches. You can also look into their tubes of lava! Check rates here.

3. Kona Chocolate, Coffee, and Soap Tour

These tours will educate you all about the history of coffee and chocolate came to be. You’ll learn about Kona coffee and chocolate and be able to sample some of them.

You’ll also be able to see some of the fabulous and unique soaps that they have to offer. They don’t have scents. Check rates here.

4. Circle Island & Kona Joe Coffee Tour

Awards have been offered to these tours and Kona coffee plantations. Go here to look at some of the best looks and taste Kona coffee you’ll ever taste.

They also have a ton of giant turtles around the area. They also give you photos and lunch. Check rates here.

5. Bee Farm Tour, Kealakekua Bay, and Greenwell Farms

To learn about the culture and history of the area, this one is for you.

They’ll show you sacred areas that once existed tons of time ago. There are also a ton of sea turtles as well.

You can also get a ton of fresh, tasty Kona coffee. Check rates here.

Kona Coffee Farms FAQs

Can coffee be grown in Hawaii?

It can, and one of the most popular kinds of Hawaiian coffee is Kona coffee. It’s one of the most popular coffees in America, and coffee farms in Hawaii are known to have such amazing beans for coffee.

How many Big Island coffee farms exist?

In Hawaii, more than 650 different kinds of coffee farms. While many are different sizes and are around 20 miles apart from each other, that’s still a surprising number!

How much can Kona coffee cost in Hawaii?

While prices change constantly, one of the most expensive kinds of coffee is actually Kona coffee. It’s rare and super high in demand. An average-sized cup of Kona coffee can cost as much as $8.00.

Big Island Coffee Farms Wrap Up

After reading this, you should know about all the great tours there and how to plan a perfect trip, especially if you’re a coffee lover. Hopefully, you can also figure out how to get some free coffee and chocolate on the road.

The coffee here is fantastic, and the tours make it even better. You can also communicate with farms in the area for a bonus.

I hope that you’ve found this article a way of enjoying the best Hawaiian trip, and you’ll be able to have the best experience ever!

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