Is It Worth Hiking Diamond Head in Oahu? 

Diamond Head is a State Monument. This means it’s protected because it’s a special place. People from all over come to hike up the trail to the top.

What's the trail like? 

It’s about 1.6 miles round trip. That may not sound super long, but the hike can be tough. It’s a good workout!

You’ll climb up steps, walk on uneven ground, and there’s even a part where you’ll go up a steep slope. So, it’s kind of like a natural stair master with a view!

Plus, you’ll need to walk through a tunnel to get up to the viewing areas. It’s sort of dark and it’s on a moderate incline.

One big reason people say “Yes!” to this hike is for the views. And boy, are they awesome!

Is hiking Diamond Head worth it? 

If you dig cool views and don’t mind a bit of a workout, it’s a big thumbs up.

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