Where to Go Cliff Jumping in Hawaii

Cliff jumping in Hawaii can be fun and rewarding for adventure sports enthusiasts. But in Hawaii, cliff jumping is also considered a right of passage.

Cliff jumping was first invented in Hawaii and has strong cultural meaning for locals. And it’s no surprise, with all the amazing jumping spots across the Hawaiian Islands!


Among soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, you’ll see a massive rock jutting into the water about 20 feet. This is Jump Rock and it’s 25 feet high.


This gorgeous volcanic shelf sheers off at the southernmost tip of the island with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and a comfortable 15- to 20-foot jump.

Laie Point in Oahu

This is considered some of the best cliff jumping in Oahu for experienced jumpers. It’s about 30 feet high with tricky surf.

South Point on Big Island

Hawaii’s South Point cliff jump is between 40 and 60 feet high and only for cliff jump experts and competition-level swimmers.

Ho’opi’i Falls in Kauai

Look for some secret freshwater pools that are great for cliff jumps, and you’ve found them! The jumps are about 20 feet and the pools are wide and deep.

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