The Truth About Hawaii Camper Van Rentals

Hawaii camper vans are viewed as a fabulous way to see the islands and live the nomad life for a short time!

If you’ve been dreaming of seeing Hawaii this way, you’ll want to keep reading for the honest truth about Hawaiian camper van rentals.

In Hawaii, RVs are called generally referred to as camper vans. Hawaii camper vans are most often class B Sprinter vans or similarly converted passenger vans with sliding side doors.

Camper vans for rent in Hawaii come with a wide range of amenities. This most often includes a place to sleep, and a table and seating.


You’ll find that Hawaii camper vans range widely when it comes to nightly rates. They start at around $100 and go as high as $300, depending on the season, demand, and amenities.

camping is not free

Camping overnight in Hawaii requires permits, and almost all of those permits only allow tent camping.

Your permit doesn’t reserve you parking, it just makes it legal for you to park. This is a very real issue campers have to deal with in Hawaii with the high tourist population.

Steer Clear of Stealth Camping.  Stealth camping is where you sneak past park rangers or even camp on private property without asking.

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