Make the most of your Hawaii vacation by knowing where to go, what to see and do. 

Don't pack your schedule full

At least one day on your first trip to Hawaii, don’t plan anything and just go with the flow.

Visit during the off-season

Winter is the best time for whale-watching in Hawaii. 

Go to one island

If it's your first time in Hawaii, pick one island and stay there the entire time! Maui and Oahu are popular islands for first-timers. 

Try the local food

Hawaiian food is absolutely delicious! Don’t be afraid to try any, especially from food trucks.

Do your own tours

Rent a car and tour Hawaii's must-see spots in your own time and pace. 

Do not touch the turtles

It is actually illegal to touch Hawaii’s sea turtles. You can take a picture of them from a short distance but do not touch them.

Use reef-safe sunscreen

Hawaii has actually banned any sunscreen that is not reef-safe to further protect the environment.

Go on a hike

You will want to try at least one hike during your first visit to Hawaii, even if it is short.

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