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One of the things to do in Honolulu for free is to enjoy some hula shows. The Ala Moana Center has a hula show at 1:00 pm inside, where it’s nice and cool every single day.

Botanical Gardens

There are four different gardens that don’t cost a thing to go explore.

Go on Hikes

There is just something special about reaching the top and overlooking all the beauty this island has to offer.

Go to the Beach

You can do so many fun things on the beach; it could easily take up your entire vacation if you wanted it to.

Visit the Halona Blowhole

Halona Blowhole was formed a long time ago from a volcanic eruption. When the waves are strong, you will see water spray out from the holes, creating the blowhole.

Go See Hawaiian Sea Turtles

The sea turtles are protected, and you cannot touch them, but you will definitely see them lying on the sand at this beach.

Enjoy Snorkeling

At Hanauma Bay, it only costs $25 and gives you a huge selection of exotic fish and even some turtles too! It is one of the best places to snorkel on the island and is not too expensive either!

Visit Pearl Harbor

To see the Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum costs $21.99. If you want to see just the Battleship Missouri Memorial it’s $34.99, and Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is $25.99.

Hike Diamond Head

The Diamond Head hike is one of the most popular hikes on Oahu and is definitely worth it when you reach the top. You will see some incredible views that you won’t find anywhere else.

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