Illegal souvenirs from Hawaii




A good rule to follow when visiting a natural habitat is to leave it the way you found it.

Best SOUVENIRS From Hawaii


Ukuleles are deeply rooted in the history of Hawaii and make the best souvenirs from Hawaii to bring home.


These traditional clothes worn by both men and women in the Pacific Islands are long pieces of fabric with bright prints and colors.

Kona Coffee

The unique flavor comes from the Big Island’s volcanic soil and it’s considered a specialty coffee.

Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Buttery macadamia nuts make one of the best gifts from Hawaii and they’re always a hit when you give them as souvenirs!

Hawaiian Quilt

These are Hawaiian souvenir ideas that most people don’t think of, but they make precious heirloom pieces and are great for home décor.


Whether you’re gifted a lei in Hawaii or you’re picking one up for a loved one, it’s no surprise that beautiful handmade leis are one of the most popular Hawaii souvenirs.

Hawaii Tote Bag

If you go grocery shopping in Hawaii, you’ll probably end up with a few reusable tote bags. I love the idea of these as a Hawaii souvenir!

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