what you need to know about thanksgiving in hawaii

In the modern day, yes! Thanksgiving is widely celebrated across Hawaii, similar to the Mainland. You’ll be able to find delicious food and parades, but sadly no football games.

Does Hawaii Celebrate Thanksgiving?

How do Hawaii Locals and Residents Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Hawaiians incorporate many aspects from traditional Hawaiian culture that makes the holiday celebrations arguably even more special!

Celebrations like Thanksgiving are often marked by luaus,  traditional Hawaiian feasts meant to bring families together.

Is Hawaii Crowded in November For Thanksgiving?

To the surprise of many tourists, November is one of the least crowded months for Hawaii tourism! If you give a lot of weight to the possibility of crowds when planning vacations, I’d definitely go to Hawaii during November to make your life easier.

Does it Cost More to Visit Hawaii in November During Thanksgiving Week?

You will generally find that traveling to Hawaii will cost less during the month of November.  This is because there are less tourists, meaning plane tickets and vacation rentals will cost much less.

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