Hawaii Christmas Traditions That Are Simply Magical

Makahiki is known as the Hawaiian Christmas tradition. This celebration lasted around 3 to 4 months, which was meant to provide wishes so that they would prevent war from breaking out, and is meant to be a time for giving gifts to one another.


They have a unique system of saying Merry Christmas. They don’t say “Merry Christmas”, but instead say, “Mele Kalikimaka” during Christmas. Directly translated, they mean the same thing.

How Do You Say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian?

In Hawaii, this is more commonly referred to as Shaka Santa. It means “hang loose,” and you can see Santa Claus waving this sign everywhere he goes.

who is the hawaiian santa?

Hawaiians eat roasted pig called "Kalua Pork." It’s one of the most popular foods, especially when used for celebrations and events.  Other Hawaiian Christmas dishes include poi, lomi lomi salmon, and poke. And there’s usually large helpings of steamed white rice.

A Hawaiian Christmas Feast

"Mele Kalikimaka"

"Hau’oli Makahiki Hou"

"Ahiahi Kalikimaka"

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Christmas Eve

Hawaiian Christmas Words

Hawaiian Christmas Words

Unlke our Santa Claus, Hawaiian Santa Claus does not appear in a  sled or with reindeer. Santa appears at a beach on a canoe. He’s known for greeting hula dancers and other people from his boat.

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