Best Things To Do This Winter in Hawaii

Don’t let the rain stop you! There are plenty of things to do in Hawaii this winter. Check out our list of the best activities to keep you busy during your stay.

Winter is the perfect time for whale watching: between January and March. Whales are most visible during this period because it’s when they migrate from the Pacific Coast to Hawaii’s warmer waters.

whale watching

Helicopter tours are some of the most comfortable and unique ways to experience the beauty of Hawaii. Many don’t realize that having a birds-eye view of Hawaii allows you to see new sights and beauties that you can’t see on the ground!

helicopter tour

The rain might hinder you from doing outdoor activities, but take this opportunity to indulge in local Hawaiian food. Make sure to experience eating at restaurants and food trucks owned by locals. 

eat local

Waikiki Beach is definitely one of the most popular activities for tourists to engage in. With white-sand shores and crystal clear waters, it’s truly the idyllic beach that you’ll want to stay at forever!

go to waikiki beach

Set off from a high point of one of Kauai’s many mountains, sit back, and watch in awe as you pass by beautiful natural attractions and historical sites!

try mountain tubing on kauai

Did you know there are several museums in Hawaii? These are great ways to learn about Hawaiian history and culture. It’s the perfect Hawaii rainy day activity.

visit a museum

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